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stories that we are following on this monday may 13th. the brother of 8 year- old fatally stabbed in valley springs, has been arrested. we will have the latest from the fowler family coming up. >> gas prices are going back up. we will tell you how much more you are going to pay in a live report. >>the series is now tied at two games apiece as the golden state warriors' head to san antonio to take on the spurs in game 5. >> we have low clios this morning theclouds this morning.
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livermore is waking up to clear conditions. as strong a sea breeze will make its way in. we will not see the '90s in the forecast today and we will be off to a cooler start. we are say 54 out the door and mountain view. i will walk you to your afternoon high coming up in my next report. >> we have been monitoring the ride on interstate 580 in the westbound direction. this was due to an earlier current accident that has now been cleared. the drive time is running 39 to 41 minutes in the westbound direction. this is higher than what it normally is. >> the brother of 8 year-old leila fowler is about time ours is morning. aboard is invalid springs arrested the 12 year-old in connection with the stabbing of his sister. her brother told
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police that an intruder broke into the home two weeks ago and killed his sister. a lawyer who is familiar with the case is the brother cannot be tried as an adult because he is under the age of 14. the court could impose a life sentence without the possibility of parole. a new law would allow him to file an appeal after 15 years. >> uc-berkeley police have launched a homicide investigation after the body of a man was found in the east bay hills sunday morning. investigators found the body just after 5:30 a.m.. it was a lay next to a car along grizzly peak boulevard between centennial and south park road. this at the man died from gunshot wound. the car was towed in the area was shut down to drivers and bicyclist for about 12 hours. police said the investigation is still in its early stages. >> we're also watching gas
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prices this morning as they continue to rise over the bay area. kron4 jackie sissel is live in san francisco with an update on the prices. >> the national average, is less than what we pay here in california. it is $3.57. in california, according to aaa the price is $4 and0.04. ths is up 14¢ within the last week. california is the second-highest of the country. san francisco is a $4.12 and oakland is a little bit below that at $4.3003., morning that we always see prices like this.
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experts say that this is due to the fact bet to refineries in california are having issues. they are offline and they're having their supplies go down. that means the prices will go back up and that is why you are seeing the prices go up. there is no indication to how much longer this will be an affect. the closer we get to this. >> basketball and the warriors had a huge overtime win. here is an update on the warriors'. >> the reason why we are talking about the warriors' is because game 6 that may have a chance to close out the san antonio spurs. that
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is why these tickets are so high. gone are the days were people use the way out in the cold now instead they hall online and the order. this pertains to those who are season ticket holders. you can get your hands on tickets and if you are not a season ticket holder and you want to get your hand on tickets then this will be at about 3:00 p.m.. here is video of the warriors' game. coming down the stretch that were down by double digits. they became hide to the point where they had a chance to close about a regulation. this game wins all the time and the warriors took out to is vestar. they pretty much not the spurs out and they did not know what hit them.
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stephen curry, there was a chance that he would not play because he had twisted his ankle but he played. he contributed with 22 points and now they will be in san antonio for game 5 tomorrow night. as far as the warriors, they will go in there looking for a win. >> we have a group, when our backs are against a wall we play. >> that was the center andrew speaking. he did not score as a lot of points but he was a distance of the beast. he controlled tim duncan when it mattered most. is that when in san antonio you better believe that this will be the longesallowed this place in the nba. is that when the san
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antonio game six will be a close ballgame. >> the san jose sharks finally know who that will be facing in round two of the nhl playoffs. the sharks will head down to the stable center to take on the current stanley cup champions, the l.a. kings. >> here is live shot from mount tam. we have beautiful skies above. here is a quick look at the bay to breakers reminder. we are now six days to this year's bay to breakers presented by craigslist. kron4 will bring you coverage of the big even starting at 8:00 a.m. sunday may 19th.
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eleven enhanced systems in all. ♪ twelve, counting your adrenaline system. the 2014 e-class. the most intelligent, exhilarating mercedes-benz ever made. see your authorized mercdealer for exceptional offers tz financial services. >> the time is 6:10 a.m.. more than 400 safety rides that may be vulnerable to cracking or breaking are embedded in the base of the new bay bridge. those bolts may be difficult to inspect, remove, or replace.
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424 threaded rods are among those than two dozen that the california department of transportation recently relies are vulnerable to being invaded by hydrogen that could cause some to become brittle. a spokesman with caltrans says the rides are not being subjected to a high stress flow, which they say reduce the risk that they could crack. >> the area where you live could make a huge difference in medication costs under president barack obamas health-care law. to keep premiums low, some states are allowed insurers to charge patients a large share of the calls for expensive medications for cancer and other serious condition. in california, the patient share would be up to 30% for the specialty drugs, which costs thousands of dollars a month. some states like new york are setting flat company payments for all medications with a high as $70. critics fear most
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is will follow california's lead. >> a partisan central mexico are setting up shelters as they prepare for possible corruption of the volcano near mexico city. officials close off a seven square mile zone around the volcano. soldiers and federal police have also been deployed to the area. activity increased over the weekend at the 17,000 ft. volcano. it's a saturday night, sometimes doing blowing rock over the crater. >> we will be right back.
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and adjustable drive modes. because the ultimate expression of power is control. this is the pursuit of perfection. >> welcome back. the time is 6:15 a.m.. >> the clouds are trying to make a limb pushed and it is impacting visibility in santa rosa. it is down to just zero. it is just 4 mi. if you are traveling along highway 4. the rest of the bay area is showing clear conditions. all signs point to a cooler aafternoon. it is a cool start mid 40's in oakland. 54 out the door in
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fairfield. future cast 4 is showing 50's, 70's, and even 80s for the inland spots. we will see the spread but not as quite as yesterday. by 3:00 p.m. the red would indicate '90s that does borders the bay area. the warmest by today will barely reach the mid '80s. mountain view will be coming in at 77 degrees. 79 degrees for santa clara. we may see 84 degrees in cupertino. 76 degrees for vallejo and downtown san francisco will be in the upper 60s. >> the kron 47 day around the bay highlights cooler weather, for wednesday. we will have a weak system that will pass tomorrow morning
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and that will bring good morning fog and coastal drizzle. take a look at the numbers. is quite a difference, the temperatures will tumble by the weekend. the weekend will have plenty of sunshine and we will see 80s. >> just as our hotspot in the dublin interchange for 580 is cleared up we are picking up a new problem for 580. this is backing up the ride through castro valley. a. accidence one of them involving a motorcycle. there just is no relief. here is a look at the bridges for you. we expect the meeting lights to be activated. for the westbound ride the drive time is
6:18 am
about 60 minutes. the san mateo bridge highway 92, it was a wind advisories earlier this morning and they have not changed the message. the wind advisory is still an affect. the golden gate bridge is still easy for 1 01 southbound no delays. the public transit ride is also easy as we are tracking no delays for bart, ace train, or the muni metro. >> the search is now over in bangladesh after this factory collapsed. the death toll has risen again. more than two weeks after a building in bangladesh, housing factories full garment work bet, the death toll has reached a hire milestone. government officials said the total number of people confirmed dead is now 1127. the recovery operation is winding down and it is
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expected in the by tuesday. more than 2400 people were pulled out of of the rubble alive. so far today, no bodies have been recovered. the owners of the building and the factory are under investigation over accusations that it would their workers enter the premises on the day of the collapse despite cracks in the structure. >> new video shows a part of the police response to the cleveland home where three of the women were held captive for 10 years. the driver who shot his cell phone video says that she thought she was being pulled over last monday when she saw the flashing lights behind her. the woman, though, quickly realized what was happening when she heard amanda berry identify herself to the police. she says the she watched in
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disbelief as officers rushed into the house and rescued gina dejesus and michelle knight. >> meanwhile, as the investigation continues in the abduction case, the brothers of suspected kidnapper ariel castro are speaking publicly for the first time. pedro and onil astros showed no sympathy for their brother, that they hope he spends arrest of his life in prison. >> they were arrests along with their brother last week, but they were not charge. police now say that the men had " no " connection to the kidnapping. >> james holmes, the zero
6:21 am
aurora the richter shooting suspec will beaurora the gator g suspect will be in court today. attorneys for him are expected to ask a judge to change his plea. core funding is made last week show that he wants to plead not guilty by reason of insanity. he faces charges in the shooting spree that left 12 people dead at the premiere of the batman movie, " the dark knight rises ". dozens more were injured. >> o.j. simpson returns to court today in lost vegas while simpson's attorneys tried to convince a judge that his trial lawyer, del the latter, should not have been handling simpson's case
6:22 am
at all. they say that he was a witness before crime and could have testified in simpson's defense. simpson is expected to testify later this week. he is currently serving a nine to p yr presenc9 10 to 33 year prison sentence. >> police in trenton, new jersey stormed into a home over the weekend ended a tense, three day standoff. officials say that this man, identified as 38 years road officials say that this man, identified as 38 years road gerals i gotta go deposit a check, transfer some money. so it's your uncle's turn. what? wait, wait, wait... no, no, no, wait, wait. (baby crying)
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that's the power oerf the home depot. behr ultra wit wh advaadnced stain blocking.. only alyt the thhome depot. starting angt onlyon $31.98 a gallon. >> taken a look at wall street this morning, futures trading shows all three indexes in the negative as morning. last week will be a tough one to follow for wall street. the dow jones closed above 15,000 for the first time 12 is that they're held above that milestone for the next three days. >> here is a look at friday's close and numbers. the dow closed up 35 points on friday to close at 15,118. the nasdaq also climbed 27 points to close at 3436. the s&p 500 was up
6:26 am
seven points to close at 1633. we will be watching the numbers all morning long and from the kron 4 morning news starting at 6:30 a.m. with the opening bell. >> chrysler is recalling nearly 470,000 jeep suvs worldwide because they can shift into neutral without warning. the recall affects 2005 to 2010 grand cherokees and 2006 to 2010 commanders. safety regulators say cracks in a circuit board can cause a faulty signal as the vehicles are being started. that can cause and to shift into neutral and roll way. so far, the problem has caused 26 crashes and two injuries. chrysler says the they will notify all owners and the dealers about the recall repairs to that will be made at no cost.
6:27 am
>> amtrak is preparing to roll out the first of 70 new locomotives it says will offer better safety, reliability, and performance than its current aging fleet. there are being unveiled today at a sacramento plant. the first are expected to put into service by this fall. all 70 should be on track by 2016. they replace locomotives that are 30 years old and cost along $466 million. amtrak says it will pay back the loan using profits from its heavily traveled northeast corridor line between washington d.c. and austin. >> we will be right back.
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>> welcome back. the opening bell now on wall street.
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>> we are watching wall street and we are down in early trading. we will be watching the numbers drop the morning. >> we are watching the numbers in the weather department. >> those numbers are going down today and the sea breeze will come more pronounced. if you did not like the 90 degree weather yester day you will not sit for quite some time. there will be some released but the temperatures will mainly be in the '70s and '80s. we will see an increase of cloud cover as we head into tonight. although, i think due to the fall it will be relatively extensive. you can almost, on morning drizzle. i will have a full of detail for the bay to
6:31 am
breakers weather coming up. >> this is cturning out to be a very busy morning. an accident as slowing down traffic at the san paulo road. we are looking at two separate accidents and the chp are dealing with it. it continues to have the lead on 580 westbound heading into castro valley due to an earlier recurring problem led to 38 northbound. >> the search is continuing this morning for a missing, autistic lake county borough. she was reported missing by her father before 1:03 p.m. yesterday afternoon. the girl cannot speak, as she is considered a risk. or around 3:00 a.m. this morning, clear lake
6:32 am
police reported that an active search was still under way for her. >> now to a developing story out of orleans. new video shows that a shooting occurred that injured 19 people, including two children and mothers that parade. keep an eye on the man and the white shirt on the left hand of your screen. if you can see him walking up to the crowd raising his hand with a gun and start shooting. police are going to more surveillance video and they're asking the public for help to catch anyone who is involved. >> new this morning perry ed 2 adult, 2 adults and four chiln
6:33 am
have died after becoming trapped in a raging house fire. this happened in a small pennsylvania city north of philadelphia. you can see the flames and this video. investigators are not sure of the exact ages of the relationships between the victims. the cause of the blaze remains unknown. >> we're also watching gas prices this morning as they continue to rise over the bay area. kron4 jackie sissel is live with updates. >> i am at the chevron station in downtown san francisco. i think a lot of people were caught off guard. when i went to the gas station the other day, i notice that it had really jumped. instead, it is not your imagination. right now the national average is at $3.57. we should not even talk about gas prices
6:34 am
because in california is so much higher. according to aaa and california, the national high is $4.4004. california is the second- highest in the country. oakland is coming dead at $ at $4.30.03. there are refinery issues in southern california and that means that the supply is going down but the demand is still the same. there is no indication or from the refineries how long we can expect these prices to go
6:35 am
up. this time of year, prices do tend to go up due to the holiday. experts say that that will continue to go up unfortunately. >> the time is 6:35 a.m.. giants fans may soon be facing a picket line when they attend games at at&t park. on saturday concession workers voted overwhelmingly to authorize a five day strike. workers have been without a contract for three years and their last pay raise was in 2009. union officials say that they will wait to see how management will react before scheduling the strike. the giants say, if there is a strike, fans will enjoy uninterrupted service. the concession stands will be staffed by management and non profit of volunteers.
6:36 am
>> san francisco police are alerting the public about a recent series of scams. the suspects of the scams are posing as a pg&e workers. they are demanding that you pay your overdue bill. the skimmers call potential victims and claimed that their bills are overdue, printing to cancel services unless a payment is received. but disturbing told that the form of payment is only buy " money- pak ". neither pg&e nor the city workers department request payments this way. anyone who is this type of call is tax to file a police report. >> government lawyers only
6:37 am
have until today to appeal a new york judge's ruling to lift age restrictions on the morning after pill. an appeal would delay the sale of appeal to all women and girls without a prescription. earlier this month the fda lord age from 17 to 15. they are also going to make it available on store shelves instead of behind the pharmacy counter. a new york judge then ruled that there should be no age restriction. the justice department's failure to appeal the new york judge's ruling would clear the way for over-the-counter sales of the plan be contraceptive for over-the-counter sales of the plan be contraceptive to even[ female announcer ] the one for all. mcdonald's dollar menu, home of the meaty, melty mcdouble you love... ♪ ...and other amazing tastes, for just a dollar each. ♪ like the bold hot n spicy mcchicken,
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when yenour allergies start, doctdoors recommend taking one non-drowsy claritin every dayy duridung your allergy season for continuous relief. 18 day ds! 17 d17ays!s! 22 days of continuous relief.. liveli claritin clear.r. american airlines pilot was forced to make an emergency landing after a passenger refused to stop singing whitney houston's hit song " i will always love you ".
6:41 am
>> (singing). >> the solo performance began shortly into the flight from loss angeles to new york and hurt clamming quickly became too much for passengers and staff. the pilot was forced to change course have with the six hour flight and make an unscheduled stop at kansas city so officers could export the woman from the plane. there was a federal air marshal on the aircraft, who subbed to the woman put her in cults and removed her from the plane. despite staffed telling passengers they cannot take photographs while on board aircraft, one minister briefly from the woman being exported down the aircraft i'll and can cause, still singing the 1990's pop song. the woman was interviewed and later released without charges. >> there is no word if she
6:42 am
was drinking. >> they had to deal with this for three hours perry ed >> we will be right back. here is a live look outside at the golden gate bridge. look at them kids. [ sigh ]
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6:46 am
cal state east bay charges $45 to graduate. san francisco state charges a fee of $100. a cal state spokesman says that because tuition money cannot be used for instruction costs, campuses must look elsewhere to pay for graduations. >> the traffic on 580 westbound is causing two sets of delays. we did have a crash and san lorenzo on to 38. this has backed up the ride here on 580 westbound coming down the hill. this is normally a trouble-free ride. the drive time has been increased by eight minutes. also, we have been tracking hot spots with an accident on interstate 80. been cleared
6:47 am
but heavy traffic is still to highway 4 in the westbound side. the bay bridge and your commute to the toll plaza is not a bet ride it is 16 minutes from the macarthur mayes. the san mateo bridge and has canceled the wind advisory that was in place since early this morning. the drive time is 13 minutes. your commute to the golden gate bridge is contending with fog in the southbound direction but it is still trouble-free 41 01 southbound. it is on the 35 minutes to the golden gate bridge. >> we are taking a live look from our mount tam camera. it continues the fog to get his way to the inland area. we are seeing low visibility
6:48 am
we do not have rain in sight but we will notice the sea breeze that is in affect for this afternoon. the cloud lever is about also feet and the visibility is down to zero. you are not seen anything drive and a run nround novato. it is a cooler start with 53 degrees for downtown san francisco at 52 degrees for san mattel. i do want to track the numbers into the afternoon. mid 60's are expected for places like half moon bay and daly city. we will come into the 80 the great territory for concord and a city. we will the one i see that all see what a lot we did yesterday. say goodbye to the '90s because we do not have any in the
6:49 am
extended forecast. we may possibly cede reso. woman weather will be here for the weekend for a saturday and sunday. we're talking low 80s. >> for those of you going to bay to breakers on sunday, it will be the nicest day of the week. san francisco will be off to a cooler start low 50's and areas of fog. a mix of six is will be run 10:00 a.m.. by noon will have low 70's for downtown san francisco. >> send francisco's almost out rages foot race is now less than a week away. the bay to breakers presented by craigslist is sunday. kron4 maureen kelly found that businesses near the route are ready clearing up. >> the manager had this
6:50 am
business stated that they are ordering extra us to get ready for the race. they'll also have extra staff that will start early. they stated that they normally sell out more at this time. they stated that they do not push alcohol but they rather just see people to help sober them up. he stated that he expects the bid delivery on monday to help stock the shelves. the top seller through bay to breakers is a beer and champagne. a get so crazy that he plans to have a doorman to keep the crowd of people when their doors opened contained. >> this boutique is also cash in men and they have been selling costumes all week. >> we are shopping for a body paid we just want to
6:51 am
do crazy make up. >> they stated that weeks, hot pants are in demand. i think there are a bay to breakers standard. >> they expect sales to keep the wrapping up the day before racing. >> i do recommend you to come in now before it's too late. >> we are now six days to this year's bay to breakers. bay to breakers, will be happening sunday may 19th. >> the giants are off today after an impressive 7 to 3 when. mlb honored mother's day with pink bats. the bottom of third the score was 1 to 0 giants. palo
6:52 am
sandoval solo home run into a cozy cole'to mccovey cove forh hit the score 2 to 0 giants. the giants' head to face milky cabrera and the blue jays in toronto on tuesday. >> the a's were decked out in a peak for mother's day also. bottom of the first it was scoreless. the final for this damn was 6 to one mariners. the a's draw back below 0.500 at 19-20. the return home and take on the rangers later tonight. >> a good day on the green as tiger would wins players championship. would, from
6:53 am
the bunker, puts it within to feel whole, he birdied to move this to 13 and under. sergio garcia accused tiger of deliberately distracting him during round three. he tied with tighter here, but he fell apart. he hit into the water twice and quadruple the whole. tiger, celebrated the wind and raised the trophy. the players championship is the biggest win in years. >> (music). >> this is being called the first music video that is made in space. astronauts spaceha chris hadfield san being
6:54 am
singing david bowie's " space oddity " while floating around in zero gravity aboard the international space station. the video features shots of a floating good part that would like a hollywood special effects anywhere else. it also shows images of the space station orbiting over earth. had field and another astronaut are scheduled to return to earth today. >> we will be right back.
6:55 am
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>> the time is 657. coming up on kron4 we will have
6:58 am
your latest on a hot spot. your latest on a hot spot. [ male announcer ] citibank's app for ipad makes it easy for ann to manage her finances when she's on the go. even when she's not going anywhere. citi tablet apps. easier banking. standard at citibank.
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helps him deposit his checks. jay also like it when mother nature helps him wash his car. mother nature's cool like that. citibank mobile check deposit.
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easier banking. standard at citibank. >> the stories we're following on this monday may 13th at the brother of an 8 year-old fatally stabbed and valley springs has been arrested. we will have the latest from the fowler family coming up. >> gas prices are going back up, we will tell you how much more your pain and a live report. >> the big win for the golden state warriors in overtime, we will have more on the upcoming game with a live report. >> first let's get to traffic and weather >> the ride on interstate 580 in the westbound direction, first or problems out of livermore and now there are problems and to

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